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XIIIth International CIFA Forum
Wednesday 22nd of April 2015
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XIIIth International CIFA Forum
22nd - 24th April 2015, Monaco



Wednesday 22 April


14:30 Official opening ceremony


15:00 ECOSOC Roundtable with UN High Representatives and the Civil Society

Managing the transition from Millenium Development Goals to Sustainable Development Goals: What will it take?

Moderator: Hanifa D. Mezoui, PhD, Senior Advisor Humanitarian Affairs and Civil Society, United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC), New York

Confirmed Speakers:

Fabienne Guien, Secretary General, Economic and Social Council, Monaco

Dr. S. William Gunn, International Association For Humanitarian Medicine Brock Chisholm, Geneva, Switzerland

Navid Hanif, Director, Office For ECOSOC Support and Coordination, Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA)United Nations

H.E. Amb. Elshad Iskandarov, President, ICYF-DC, Istanbul, Turkey

Me Francois Loriot, President, Bar Association for Inter Governmental Organizations

Ruth Bamela Engo, President, African Action AIDS (AAA), Yaoundé, Cameroon


16:00 Taxation and automatic exchange of information: what’s left of our privacy?

Confirmed Speakers:

Stephanie Jarrett, Partner, Baker & McKenzie, Geneva, Switzerland

Alexis Lautenberg, Chairman of the Swiss Finance Council, Senior Policy Advisor at Steptoe & Johnson, Brussels, Belgium
Adolfo Enrique Linares Franco,
Partner, Tapia, Linares & Alfaro; President Aegist Asset Advisors Inc; President Chambers of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama; Vice Minister of Education from July 1, 2001 to January 1, 2004

Xavier Oberson, Professor of Swiss and international tax law at the University of Geneva, Partner at Oberson Avocats, Geneva, Switzerland


17:00 The fiscal equity principle and the legal adviser in this new context

Confirmed Speaker: Amel Merabet, Corporate Jurist


17:30 Is altruism compatible with modern economic systems?

Confirmed Speaker: Matthieu Ricard, Buddhist monk, photographer and author


18:30 End of the first day


19:30 Cocktail



Thursday 23 April


8:55 Welcome address by the Day Chairperson

Afaf Konja, Spokesperson for the President of the United Nations General Assembly 68th Session, New York, USA

9:00 THEME 1 Are capitalists about to kill capitalism? Is finance killing off capitalism?

- Too Big to fail. Most can fail but some can’t: An injustice at the core of global capitalism?

- Can Moral Capitalism exist?

- Can wealth management survive in the market of only the top 1% HNWI?

- Does too much financialism kill capitalism?

- Will banks ever get back to supporting capitalism with business loans? If they don’t, then who needs banks?

- If banks won’t support economic growth, who will? Mutual Funds? Crowd Funding?

Confirmed Speakers:

William K. Black, Associate Professor of Economics and Law, University of Missouri, Kansas City, USA

Daniel Mitchell, Senior Fellow, Cato Institute, Washington, USA

Roger Nightingale, Economist, RDN Associates Ltd, London, UK

Marc Roche, Foreign correspondent in London for the French weekly magazine Le Point and economic specialist, Author of the best-sellers Bank: How Goldman Sachs Rules the World, Outlaw Capitalism, and Banksters


10:30 Coffee Break


11:00 THEME 2 Financialization and speculative bubbles, deepening of inequalities, economic stagnation: how to stop the deflationary spiral?

- A crisis of confidence triggered by unconscionable behaviors is pushing savings into institutional networks (pension funds, insurances, etc...) instead of into the real economy’s growth. Who will reverse this trend?

- Which economic engines for the future: innovation, solidarity, fight against tax optimization? What can start the engines of economic growth? Innovation, solidarity, middle class entitlements, lower taxes?

- Can moderate inflation restart consumer demand?

Confirmed Speakers:

Michel Girardin, Professor of Macro-Finance, University of Geneva, Switzerland

Markus P. Grimm, Managing Director, Special Investment Situations, Hermes Partners International Ltd, Hong Kong
Steve Young,
Global Executive Director, Caux Round Table, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA


12:30 Networking Lunch


14:00 Solutions made in Luxembourg in an unstable international environment

Caroline Bohrer, Sales Director, Swiss Life

Zulmiro Da Costa, Relationship Manager France, Lombard International Assurance

Christian Eilert, Director, ACA

Tonika Hirdman, Director General, Fondation de Luxembourg

Paula Leite, Head of Markets Development, Cardif Lux Vie

Marc Nicolas, International Sales Manager, Vitis Life


15:00 THEME 3 Debt or growth?

- Was it a mistake to grow debts after 2008?

- Federalism, regionalism, decentralization: which of these models are better fit to trigger world growth?

- Public debts and bankruptcies: which remaining public assets can be put on sale? Should everything be privatized?

- To pay off public debts will we need to confiscate savings through inflation or taxation?

- Stagnation, deflation: deeds not words from the decision makers

Confirmed Speakers:

Louise C. Bennetts, Executive Director, J.P. Morgan, London, UK

Aymo Brunetti, Professor of Economics at the University of Bern, Switzerland

David Cayla, Academic teacher’s/researcher, University of Angers, France; member of Les Economistes atterrés

Werner Eichhorst, Director of Labor Policy Europe, Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA), Bonn, Germany


16:00 Monaco for Finance

Introduction by Elisabeth Ritter Moati, General Manager (Investment & Promotion), Monaco Chamber of Economic Development

Hervé Ordioni, President - Committee for Promotion of Monaco as Financial Center, Monaco Association for Financial Activities, Monaco


16:30 Coffee Break


17:00 THEME 4 Western economies against a multipolar world: which model will prevail?

- The uprising of emerging countries against the grip of western economies?

- Tertiarization, financialization against productive economies: who will arbitrate the debate?

Confirmed Speakers:

Jean-François di Meglio, Chairman, Asia Centre, Paris, France

Henri Sterdyniak, Director of the Economics Department of the globalization of the French Economic Observatory (OFCE), Paris, France

Leong Sze Hian, Past President, Society of Financial Service Professionals, Singapore

Steve Young, Global Executive Director, Caux Round Table, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA


18:00 End of the second day

20:00 Patrons’ Dinner at the Hotel Hermitage by invitation only (Black tie suggested)


Friday 24 April - Association Day


9:45 Day’s chairmen Welcome Address

Vincent J. Derudder, Honorary Chairman of FECIF

Zoltan Luttenberger PhD


10:00 Client decisions on Investment Strategies during the «New Normal»: Active or Passive, DIY or Advised or Discretionary?

- Fiat money system, Product Transparency

Confirmed Speakers:

Thomas Abel CFP, President of NFPB Network Financial Planners Berlin, Germany

Peter Brooke, Financial Planner and Investment Team Strategist, The Spectrum IFA Group

Giorgio Canella, EFA, Fee for Service Financial Life planner, Italy

Tino Leukhardt,Precious Metal specialist, Ophirum Group, Germany

Johannes Muschik, Chairman AFPA, Austria


10:50 Self Managed Superannuation Funds in Australia

- The Australian Pension System

- The success of the «super funds»

Confirmed Speaker:

Andrea Slattery, CEO, SMSF Association, Australia


11:20 Coffee break


11:40 From Sales to Advice: What can we learn from RDR? What trade-offs and trends?

- What changed the best advisory businesses to adapt?

- How reacted the clients and the platforms?

- Can we close the advisory gap?

- What challenges still ahead?

Confirmed Speakers:

Phil Billingham CFP, Transition Expert, UK

Garry Heath, Editor, The Heath Report

Gilles-Guy de Salins, Vice-President of ANCDGP, France

Paul Stanfield, CEO, FEIFA, England


12:30 Networking Lunch


14:00 Behavioral Finance: Searching for the Holy Grail... we didn’t find the Best Product.

- So we try to pick the Best Tool instead?

- Softwares, Platforms, Best practices:

- How to navigate?

- How can Behavioral Finance help?

Confirmed Speakers:

Robert van Beek CFP, President of FPA Belgium, European Representative of

Henry Cobbe CFA, Managing Director, Target Date Fund Expert, Elstonconsulting UK

Richard Crotty FMII MIITD QFA APA, Expectation Management Expert, Ireland

Paul Resnik, Co-Founder, FinaMetrica, Australia


14:40 ID theft: a major threat for the coming years

Confirmed Speaker:

Gilles Duteil, Director of CETFI, Aix-Marseille University, Aix-en-Provence, France


15:20 Coffee break


15:40 Women in Global Finance

- Do women have a different view on Finance or the Economy?

- Are there special attributes distinguishing female financial advisors?

Moderated by Elena Khanga

Vania Franceschelli, Executive Committee Member of ANASF,Italy

Marta Gellova, EFPA Czech Republic, Prague

Susan Jordan BSc, Transition Expert, UK

Andrea Slattery, CEO, SMSF Association, Australia


16:30 What can financial advisors expect from their associations to support them in turbulent times?

Confirmed Speakers:

David Charlet, Chairman ANACOFI, France

Lubomir Christoff PhD, ChFC, Member of the Securities Markets Stakeholder Group at ESMA

Vincent J. Derudder, Honorary Chairman of FECIF

Josep Soler-Albertí, EFPA Chairman, Spain


17:20 Summary of the Day

17:30 End of the Forum