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UN Activities Areas of concern


Areas of concern (and possible intervention)

 Environmental factor


        Possible contributions
Developing countries
  • Promote understanding of needs of developing countries
  • Explain the role of business in the development process
  • Encourage acceptance of role of business
  • Promote research with national and international organisations on needs, priorities, etc.
  • Communicate issues, manner of business participation, etc. to wide audiences
  • Contribute to national plans
    Assist UN and ONG agencies

Management skills in
developing countries

  • Increase opportunities for   development of skills
  • Propose/provide local skills for   solution of problems
  • Include non corporate people in training programmes
  • Secondments of skilled people to national and international organisations and areas of special need
  • Help setting training programmes
  • Exchange of personnel
Attacks on free enterprise
  • Increase the awareness and acceptance of the role of free enterprise and profits in a mixed economy
  • Encourage the pursuit of social responsibility by all business
  • Books and teaching materials for schools and universities
  • Top management speeches, articles on free enterprise, profits and social responsibility
  • Active promotion of social responsibility by businessmen and trade associations
Health, hygiene
  • Encourage improvement of knowledge and facilities
  • Sponsor/finance local projects
  • Support humanitarian agencies

Inadequate sports facilities for young people
  • Encourage improvement of local facilities
  • Sustain local sport clubs
Housing, generally poor housing conditions; particularly low availability of new housing
  • Increase awareness and acceptance of decision makers of need to enlarge housing programmes
  • Improve the effectiveness of local organisations dealing with housing problems
  • Improve the chances of building more houses within limited available budgets
  • Support initiatives on housing conditions aimed at both national and local authorities
  • Second required skills to local voluntary organisations dealing with housing
  • Establish co-operation with architects, builders for new techniques, material etc. for low-cost housing
Shortage of skilled teachers
  • Assist in teacher training
  • Supplement existing teaching skills and resources
  • Improve the effectiveness of local education authorities
  • Provide part-time teachers, conduct seminars for college of education
  • Fund development of teaching material to be used in conjunction with the development of technology
  • Suggest infrastructure for long distance learning
Social malaise due to poor living and social conditions of large sections of local population
  • Assist efforts to ameliorate the situation
  • Give encouragement to participate in voluntary work
  • Propose donations for carefully specific needs