Our objective is to define social responsibility in a way that has meaning and relevance for those who are managing financial, and hence social, institutions. In no way do we attempt to dispute accepted business objectives, rather we are concerned with exploring new dimensions of business.

Because society is today interdependent, business survival depends on its ability to understand the issues facing society as a whole and to adjust to the major political, economic and social forces of our time.

More than ever the term “social responsibility” is a reference point not only in the context of government, but increasingly and correctly, in business practice. As a foundation devoted to upholding the proper relationship between adviser and client, CIFA proposes that it is a significant part of our responsibility to promote a responsibility within our clients to be able to contemplate and achieve a lifestyle independent from the support offered by social institutions. This is partly due to our requirement that our members find means to assist their clients in achieving financial security, and partly from the recognition that it is not necessarily the duty of governments to provide for its citizens in every aspect of financial well being. We hope in this desire that governments, whether national or supra national, will also understand that the approach of the adviser that pays regard to the individual needs of the client, can assist in this by means of governing, but not restraining the interaction of an adviser with a client in which both genuinely seek independence.