Xth International CIFA Forum

April 25 - 27, 2012

Xth International CIFA Forum
FINAL PROGRAM Xth International CIFA Forum
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Wednesday 25 April 2012
Opening ceremony
Opening speech of the Xth International CIFA Forum by Mr. Pierre Christodoulidis
Chairman and Executive President of CIFA, Geneva
Speech by S.E. Nassir Abdulaziz Al - Nasser
President of the 66th Session of the United Nations General Assembly
Speech by S.E. Laura Dupuy
President of the Human Rights Commission (UN)
Speech by M. Carlos Lopes
Deputy of the General Secretary of the United Nations, Director General of UNITAR
Speech by S.E. Lazarous Kapambwe
President of the Economic and Social Council (UN)
Message from the Chairman of the Organisation Committee Guy Raymond Cohen*
Member of the Executive Committee of CIFA, Vice President of A.NA.CO.FI, Paris
Message from the Monaco authorities
TOPIC I: How to create a more stable, more equitable more responsible international financial system?
  • Employment, social welfare and financial crisis: what does the UN expect from newly elected governments?
  • What social responsibilities are for the finance industry?
  • Who can stop the spiral of impoverishment?
  • Does access to financial markets/investors mean the death of financial capitalism?
  • What alternatives to wild capitalism?
CONFERENCE: Is money the source of happiness?
Matthieu Ricard
buddhist monk, photographer and author
Day Chairman's welcome address:
TOPIC II: Why has the international financial system become so harmful today?
  • Governments and global banks in bankruptcy
  • Sovereign debts: what solutions to solve the problem?
  • When financial practices reach the level of abuse: the case of Island
  • Bankrupt states, discredited banks: is fraud at the heart of the financial system?
  • Too big to fail: is it compatible with the liberal system?
  • What is the usefulness of global financial institutions (IMF, World Bank, FATF) if they are unable to fight crisis and abuses?
Prof. William K. Black
White-collar criminologist and former senior financial regulator, Associate Professor of Economics and Law, University of Missouri, Kansas City
Jacques Potdevin
Former President, Federation of European Accountants (FEE), Member of International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), New York
Gildas Hita de Nercy
Head of Research, Exane Derivatives, Geneva
PARALLEL SESSION 1: Does it make sense to establish yourself in Monaco?
Christian Boisson
Member of Ordre des Experts- Comptables de la Principauté de Monaco, Monaco
Guy-Thomas Levy-Soussan
Member of AMAF (Association monégasque des activités financières), Monaco
Elisabeth Ritter-Moati
General Manager Investment & Promotion, Chambre de développement économique de Monaco, Monaco
Babar Kamal
Manager, Public Finance and Trade Programme, UNITAR
Coffee break
TOPIC III: What solutions will future democratic leaders implement to build a virtuous financial system?
  • What are the solutions that the future leaders propose to put the financial system again at the service of the real economy?
  • Will the newly elected leaders have the courage to reestablish the stability of financial markets?
  • Will they fight against the continuation of certain unacceptable financial practices?
  • Will they be ready to accept sacrifices that are needed to moralize the economy and clean up the financial sector?
  • Separation of retail banks and investment banks: the UK is one step forward, what will the US and the UE do?
  • What would be the real efficiency of the measures that have been advocated recently (Tobin tax on financial transactions, Eurobonds, ban of short selling, golden rule on public deficits)
Daniel Mitchell
Senior Fellow, Cato Institute, Washington
Peter Andrews
Head of Economics of Financial Regulation Department, Financial Services Authority ( FSA), London
Georges Ugeux
Former EVP of International & Research for NYSE, Chairman & CEO, Galileo Global Advisors, New York
Hans-Peter Bauer
Member of the Board of the Basel Institute on Governance, Senior Advisor to the Wolfsberg Group
Olivier Delamarche
Partner and manager, Platinium Gestion, Paris
Paul Atkins
former Commissioner of the Securities & Exchange Commission
Lunch and Networking
TOPIC IV: Political power vs financial power: can legislators emancipate themselves in order to better manage financial crises?
  • What are the available strategies and instruments for governments?
  • Is regulation the solution and how?
  • How do politicians react to the failure and the loss of credibility of the regulators?
  • Which public and private entities will supervise financial activities and play the role of whistleblowers?
  • What have been the conditions of the hegemony of finance on political power?
  • How to explain the surprising resilience of the power of the financial sector in United States since 2008?
Steve Young*
Global Executive Director, Caux Round Table, Saint Paul, USA
Roger Nightingale
Economist, RDN Associates Ltd, London
Hans Geiger
Dr. oec. publ., Prof. Emeritus University of Zurich
Lord Daniel Brennan
Co-chairman the advisory board of the Washington-based think-tank Global Financial Integrity, Bar representative on the Council of the International Bar Association
Paul Jorion
Coffee Break
TOPIC V: Can the Eurozone survive?
  • What is mainly at stake with the European economic government?
  • Is the creation of Eurobonds not only a smart move to postpone the solution to the problem of overindebtment and of fiscal irresponsibility of the PIGS countries?
  • Did the crisis of Greek debt damaged the independence of the European Central Bank?
Stephanie Kelton
Assistant Professor Macroeconomics, Finance, Money and Banking, University of Missouri, Kansas City
Olivier Delamarche
Partner and manager, Platinium Gestion, Paris
End of the second day
Gala Dinner at the Hôtel de Paris by invitation only
(Black tie suggested)
Thursday 26 April 2012
Friday 27 April 2012
Day Chairman's welcome address: Jean- Pierre Diserens*
Secretary-General of CIFA, Geneva
TOPIC VI: How to fight against the rapacious power of finance against the real economy?
  • Which ethical values to combat the predatory power of finance on real economy?
  • How to combine the interests of speculation and real economy?
Steve Young*
Global Executive Director, Caux Round Table, Saint Paul, USA
Georges Ugeux
Former EVP of International & Research for NYSE, Chairman & CEO, Galileo Global Advisors, New York
Gilles Duteil
Director of CET FI, Université Paul Cézanne, Aix en Provence
Coffee Break
TOPIC VII: Should the power of the rating agencies be regulated?
  • Should the rating agencies be regulated?
  • Conflicts of interests and neutrality of the rating agencies
  • Are rating agencies still credible after their active involvement in the subprime?
  • Who did prosecute or try to prosecute for their faults? What are the justifications?
  • Why has the problem of sovereign debt been unveiled so late?
Steve Young
Global Executive Director, Caux Round Table, Saint Paul, USA
François Veverka
Partner, BANQUEFINANCE Associates, Paris
Paul Atkins
former Commissioner of the Securities & Exchange Commission
PARALLEL SESSION 1: Remuneration of IFA's in Europe.
Piero Crivellaro
Independent consultant EC Public Affairs
Vincent Derudder
President, FECIF, Luxembourg
David Charlet
President, A.NA.CO.FI, Paris
PARALLEL SESSION 2: Financing of SME’s in France
Jean Rognetta
President, PME FINANCE - journalist - Les Echos & Capital Finance, Paris
Closing session
Jean- Pierre Diserens*
Secretary-General of CIFA, Geneva
End of the forum
Member of the Executive Committee of CIFA